Operation: Shrink Butt… Salads!

Last week wasn’t a great week for Operation: Shrink Butt. With the wedding and all the trillions of things you need to do for preparing, not to mention the copious catch ups with friends I hadn’t seen for years meant… a whole lot of eating and drinking the wrong things.. I finished up the weekend […]

Operation: Shrink Butt

This is something I’ve wanted to share for some time now. Losing weight, from my own personal experience is really bloody hard! And I know I’m not alone in feeling this way, because I’ve had countless conversations with friends, strangers and pretty much anyone who has been willing to talk to me about this topic! […]

Work it, Baby!

Phase Two of Operation: Shrink Butt is the very important and only enjoyable in small doses – exercise!  Like food, I’ve also had a very interesting relationship with exercise over my years. When I was quite a bit younger and less wrinkled, I loved jumping around like a mad woman on the basketball court. I played every day, and when […]

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