Operation: Shrink Butt

This is something I’ve wanted to share for some time now. Losing weight, from my own personal experience is really bloody hard! And I know I’m not alone in feeling this way, because I’ve had countless conversations with friends, strangers and pretty much anyone who has been willing to talk to me about this topic!

Shedding unwanted kilos takes grit. It sounds like a slogan from a fitness ad, but I mean it! It takes sheer determination and consistent effort. It takes a total decision that you’re unhappy, either with how you look or how you feel. Losing weight is a huge commitment, especially as you get older, because as you age, your hormones can go bonkers, your mobility can be affected and just everyday degeneration starts to take place. 

I have no scientific evidence to back up this theory, so don’t quote me, I just think it’s a great way to describe and justify how I feel most of the time. No matter what anyone tells you, losing weight is very difficult. I found shedding consistent kilos is actually harder than giving up smoking, harder than learning a new language … Actually, I didn’t really succeed in learning a new language, but you get my drift!

I feel like I could talk about this topic at length for hours as it’s something close to my heart. Or, you could say, it’s a topic close to my butt!

Now, I’ve said my Diaries are going to be honest – an honest account of my crazy life. Well, it wouldn’t be honest without this section that I’ve called Operation: Shrink Butt. I don’t want to be skinny; I do not aspire to be waif like – yuck! Complete with all my lumps and bumps – but in the right places! 

I’m a mummy to two beautiful little girls who look to me as a healthy role model and that’s something I take incredibly seriously, so you won’t read any sob stories here, or a woe is me approach to having a droopy bottom.

What you will read (hopefully) is that Operation: Shrink Butt is all about my journey (ugh, I hate that clichéd word, but you know what I mean) to a fitter, healthier, more energetic, and musclier me! It’s all about trying to transform my floppy, bumpy, wobbly, sagging, upside down J-Lo booty into a powerhouse muscle to project me into everyday life with voracity and positive fierceness! To make me closer to the superwoman my little babies believe I am!

I use the word “operation” because I’m planning a military style targeted attack on my dwindled fitness level, I’m hoping to conquer my struggles with emotional eating and most of all I’m hoping to help improve my yo-yoing self confidence and affliction for comparison! What a mouthful! All of which I hope will help me become the best version of myself, encourage you if you want to try to improve yourself and maybe even help my daughters one day, develop stronger and better relationships with their own bodies and confidence in themselves and their abilities.

So, welcome to Operation: Shrink Butt … here we go! 

Double cream and hot caramel in your coffee? Anyone? A rare treat in between towns working for Sunrise.

Chezzi xox

16 responses to “Operation: Shrink Butt”

  1. Elaine says:

    You do what your heart says -NOT what everybody else says as there are so many sad & negative people who want to bring out the ugly

    • Chezzi says:

      Thanks Elaine,
      You’re so right! It’s sad that some want to bring out the ugly.
      I’m a big believer in kindness. Kindness to others. Kindness to yourself!
      Thanks again xox

  2. Donna-Rae Walsh says:

    Love ❤️ this! I totally understand where you are coming from before i had Sophie i went to a woman’s gym 4 days a week and i was really fit! When Sophie was born at 26weeks +2days there was no time for me to think about losing weight! Now i do weights at home so im very proud of you for writing this and being honest about it! Thankyou 😘 I just don’t like people who keep going on and on about there weigh loss and wanting attention and creating drama about it! It’s all about just being happy about yourself and you do what your heart says!

    • Chezzi says:

      Wow, no wonder you couldn’t think about losing weigh.. Your baby came so early!! Gosh!! That is full on!!
      Good on you for getting yourself in shape now.. Doing weights at home would be hard as you need to constantly motivate yourself.
      Losing weight or becoming the very best you takes a lot of effort and commitment, not empty promises or words! Action!
      I look forward to the journey ahead with support from lovely people like yourself and I hope I can be of some help along the way too – even if its just a giggle at ourselves for losing what’s really important along the way! Ourselves and our loved ones are what matters most! xoxoxox

  3. Judy walling says:

    Omg let me just say that I’ve always had up and down weight so I continue to fight all the time and I’m now 53 and I’ve never had a child so I can’t even factor that part into my excuse… everyone use to say ah when you hit 50 your body changes and your hormones go crazy and I thought they were crazy saying this, but I hate to say it’s true… we women really need to start helping each other and not tearing each other down! We are all beautiful people and really the main thing is that we think highly of ourselves and just make healthy food choices!
    Prepare snacks that are healthy and take with us out so we are not tempted to eat fast food!
    Anything I can do to help you or if we can just encourage each other and maybe have accountability with each other this would be helpful!!
    I’m new to this country and would love to have some nice girl friends! im from Texas
    Enjoy following you on Instagram

    • Chezzi says:

      Hi Judy,
      Thanks for your comments! I feel crazy at times now, so look out when I hit 50!
      I think it’s a constant journey for some of us.. I know it is for me.. We just need to be kind to ourselves and allow some time to make mistakes and ensure that we praise ourselves and others when success on any level is achieved!
      I agree with you that being supportive of other women is needed more in society today. Sometimes It can be hard not to feel jealous when someone seems to have an easier ride than yourself.. I try with all my might to be grateful for what I have and I feel that really helps me feel more content and less likely to compare myself to others.. It’s a constant though!
      Welcome to Australia and thanks for being a great internet friend!

  4. Cheryl says:

    Hello Chezz u can enjoy ur food just dont over eat . You look good hun dont stress to much ok
    Buy them fat suckers there amazing i wear wen im going out the pull u in.x

    • Chezzi says:

      I have several pairs of those fat suckers, Cheryl! They’re seriously my best friend some days!!
      Thanks for checking out my stuff and leaving a comment!

  5. Simone Ruskin says:

    Love this !! My business helps people shrink their butts in a healthy way every day. Totally support initiatives like yours !! Xxx

    • Chezzi says:

      Thanks for the heads up Simone! I think it’s important to know we’re not alone in this fight!
      I look forward to hearing more about your business xox

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