Help Me, Google, Help, Help Me, Google!

I have two kids. One almost-two, very busy explorer, aptly named Scout, and one quite inquisitive, articulate, sometimes challenging and very excitable, six-year-old, named Sailor. Both girls and both thirsty for world experiences, even at their young ages. This worries me to a certain extent. None more so than the other day when Sailor hit me with some pretty big and hard-to-answer questions. In the space […]

The Family that Guilt Built

This week, I had totally planned to write about why my career as a supermodel never took off, but another topic just kept popping up in various conversations with friends, relatives and just random people I ran into and I figured it was a sign that shouldn’t be ignored! Or, was I feeling guilty that […]

Reality Comes Calling

I cannot begin to tell you how much I have wanted to write something for The Chezzi Diaries these last few weeks, but I just haven’t been able to, for a few reasons that I’ll try explain in this post. Usually everyone is telling me off because I write too much, but I don’t think […]

Expect More than Just Changing Nappies after a Baby!

Sailor asked me to jump on the trampoline with her the other day. Grant was playing with Scout, so I agreed. It’s been quite some time since I’ve been on a trampoline. I started thinking about just how long as we were jumping and laughing… and then BOOM! A little bit of wee came out […]

I’m a woman! I am awesome!

So, I’ve just discovered that this Wednesday is International Women’s Day! I had no idea this day even existed but boy … Ahem, I mean, girl am I happy to help the world sing the praises of women! I mean, I’m no feminist and I’m not really attracted to women, but I am obsessed with […]

That’s Not My Baby!

I’ve often pondered this question. Do kids make you crazy OR are you crazy to have kids? I still haven’t found a convincing enough argument though, because I think both apply! Before having children, I felt that I was competent, reasonably in control of my life, organised, yet a creative free spirit, on her way […]

Breastfeeding – My Story

Most of the posts I write are light-hearted and comical. Self-deprecating because that’s me, just how I am! But this entry is a little different, and about something deeply personal that up until now I haven’t shared publicly.  I decided to write about it in the hope that it might help start a discussion on […]

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