An Anxious Mind

I am quite an open book in real life. I’ve spoken to lots of friends and women I’ve met over the years about my struggles with motherhood, but one thing I’ve not really touched on publicly until now, was my intense periods of heightened anxiety following my eldest daughter Sailor’s birth. And it’s not because […]

That’s Not My Baby!

I’ve often pondered this question. Do kids make you crazy OR are you crazy to have kids? I still haven’t found a convincing enough argument though, because I think both apply! Before having children, I felt that I was competent, reasonably in control of my life, organised, yet a creative free spirit, on her way […]

Breastfeeding – My Story

Most of the posts I write are light-hearted and comical. Self-deprecating because that’s me, just how I am! But this entry is a little different, and about something deeply personal that up until now I haven’t shared publicly.  I decided to write about it in the hope that it might help start a discussion on […]

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