Boobies, Bum Squeezes and Blow Up Pillows on the Logies Red Carpet

Well, I should rename my website The Airport Diaries, because I’m back at my little local airport today and I finally have time to be able to jot down some words about last weekend and my time at the Logies! Why am I at the airport you may ask? Or you may not have asked, […]

Keeping On Track

It’s been just over three weeks since I got the phone call that my husband, Grant, had been in an accident. And it’s been just over three weeks since I’ve had time to sit down and collect my thoughts for a few minutes without being interrupted by screaming children wanting my attention, a puppy attacking my heels and feet wanting […]

My wobbly bottom on the logies red carpet

Chezzi Denyer Logies 2

It’s Television’s night of nights. Its glamour on steroids. I had always wanted to attend. I had worked the event a few times, but never as a guest. Everyone always looked like they had such a great time, I had serious FOMO! I dreamt one day to walk that red carpet, looking tall and graceful […]

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